10 Common Mistakes to Avoid on a Gluten-Free Diet

Apr 01, 2024

Always read labels carefully to avoid hidden sources of gluten.

Mistake #1: Not Checking Labels

Be aware of cross-contamination, especially in shared kitchens or restaurants.

Mistake #2: Overlooking Cross-Contamination

Some grains, like wheat and barley, contain gluten. Stick to gluten-free grains such as quinoa and rice.

Mistake #3: Assuming All Grains Are Gluten-Free

Consult a registered dietitian to ensure you're meeting your nutritional needs on a gluten-free diet.

Mistake #4: Not Seeking Professional Advice

While convenient, processed gluten-free products may lack nutrients. Focus on whole, unprocessed foods.

Mistake #5: Relying Too Much on Processed Gluten-Free Products

Ensure you're getting enough fiber from sources like fruits, vegetables, and gluten-free whole grains.

Mistake #6: Neglecting Fiber Intake

Gluten can be found in unexpected places like sauces, condiments, and even medications. Stay vigilant.

Mistake #7: Ignoring Hidden Sources of Gluten

Plan ahead and communicate your dietary needs to avoid feeling left out at social gatherings.

Mistake #8: Not Being Prepared for Social Events

Focus on maintaining a healthy gut by incorporating probiotic-rich foods and managing stress.

Mistake #9: Neglecting Your Gut Health

Transitioning to a gluten-free diet can be challenging. Stay dedicated and don't give up on your health goals.

Mistake #10: Giving Up Too Soon