10 Fascinating Buffalo Indian Nickel Values

Apr 02, 2024

Learn about the rarest of them all, the 1913-S Buffalo Indian Nickel, with a value that will leave you astonished.

The Elusive 1913-S

Unravel the mysteries surrounding the 1926-S Buffalo Indian Nickel and discover its extraordinary value in the collector's market.

The Mythical 1926-S

Delve into the fascinating story of the 1937-D Three-Legged Buffalo Indian Nickel, one of the most sought-after coins in numismatic history.

The Prized 1937-D Three-Legged

Uncover the secrets behind the 1918/7-D Buffalo Indian Nickel, a rare overdate variety that holds tremendous value among collectors.

The Enigmatic 1918/7-D

Embark on a journey to discover the enigmatic 1916 Doubled Die Buffalo Indian Nickel and its unique characteristics that make it highly prized.

The Mysterious 1916 Doubled Die

Appreciate the beauty of the 1924-S Buffalo Indian Nickel and learn about its exceptional value as a key date coin in the Buffalo series.

The Exquisite 1924-S

Marvel at the rarity of the 1918-D 8 Over 7 Buffalo Indian Nickel, a variety that showcases the intricacies of minting errors.

The Magnificent 1918-D 8 Over 7

Discover the legendary 1937-D-D Buffalo Indian Nickel, also known as the 'Three-D Legged Buffalo,' and its extraordinary value among collectors.

The Legendary 1937-D-D

Immerse yourself in the allure of the 1921-S Buffalo Indian Nickel, a coin that encapsulates the spirit of the American frontier.

The Enchanting 1921-S

Witness the remarkable rarity of the 1916/1916 Buffalo Indian Nickel, an overdate variety that captivates numismatic enthusiasts worldwide.

The Astonishing 1916/1916