10 Most Valuable Pennies Still in Circulation

Apr 03, 2024

Discover the story behind the 1944-D steel penny and why it's so valuable. Only a few left in circulation!

Number 10: 1944-D Steel Penny

Learn about the iconic 1955 double die penny, a rare find that can fetch a high price from collectors.

Number 9: 1955 Double Die Penny

Explore the fascinating features of the 1969-S doubled die penny. A unique coin with immense value!

Number 8: 1969-S Doubled Die Penny

Unveil the secrets of the 1955 poor man's double die penny. It may not be as valuable, but it's still a gem!

Number 7: 1955 Poor Man's Double Die Penny

Step back in time with the 1914-D Lincoln penny and discover why it's one of the rarest coins in existence.

Number 6: 1914-D Lincoln Penny

Dive into the mystery of the 1970-S small date penny and its scarcity. You might have one in your collection!

Number 5: 1970-S Small Date Penny

Uncover the hidden gems of the 1982-D small date zinc penny. Rare and valuable, it's a treasure to cherish!

Number 4: 1982-D Small Date Zinc Penny

Delve into the world of the 1983-D bronze planchet penny and its intriguing journey. A true collector's item!

Number 3: 1983-D Bronze Planchet Penny

Unearth the legendary 1943 copper penny, an extraordinary find that can fetch a fortune. Could you have one?

Number 2: 1943 Copper Penny

Marvel at the beauty of the 1909-S VDB Lincoln penny, the holy grail of all pennies. A collector's dream come true!

Number 1: 1909-S VDB Lincoln Penny