10 Rare Dime Errors Circulating Among Coin Enthusiasts

Apr 04, 2024

A dime with the date off-center, creating an intriguing visual appeal and making it highly sought after among collectors.

The Misplaced Date

An error where the design on the front of the dime is double-struck, resulting in a unique and valuable coin.

The Double Die Obverse

A dime with a mintmark that was punched onto the coin multiple times, creating a distinctive and attractive error.

The Repunched Mintmark

A dime that was not properly aligned during the striking process, causing it to be larger and flat on both sides.

The Broadstruck Dime

A dime that has been struck off-center, resulting in an incomplete design and an intriguing visual anomaly.

The Off-Center Strike

A dime with a mintmark that appears filled, creating an unusual and sought-after error among collectors.

The Filled S Mintmark

A dime with a raised die break, resulting in a blob-like protrusion on the coin's surface, adding to its uniqueness.

The Cud Error

A dime with a missing layer of metal, revealing the underlying copper core and creating an intriguing contrast.

The Missing Clad Layer

A dime with a design that is partially or fully missing due to grease obstructing the striking process.

The Struck Through Grease

A dime with clash marks caused by the dies colliding during the striking process, resulting in intriguing patterns.

The Die Clash