10 Rare Proof Commemorative Half Dollars

Apr 02, 2024

Learn the story behind the first commemorative half dollar issued by the United States in 1892.

1. The Columbian Exposition Half Dollar

Explore the intricate design and historical significance of the Arkansas Centennial Half Dollar from 1935.

2. The Arkansas Centennial Half Dollar

Discover the life and achievements of Booker T. Washington commemorated on a rare 1946 half dollar.

3. The Booker T. Washington Half Dollar

Follow the pioneers' journey along the Oregon Trail with the stunning Oregon Trail Memorial Half Dollar from 1926.

4. The Oregon Trail Memorial Half Dollar

Uncover the significance of the Monroe Doctrine through the beautiful design of the 1923 half dollar.

5. The Monroe Doctrine Centennial Half Dollar

Celebrate the 1934 Texas Independence Centennial with a half dollar portraying state symbols and historical figures.

6. The Texas Independence Centennial Half Dollar

Journey back to the Pilgrim's arrival in America with the Pilgrim Tercentenary Half Dollar from 1920.

7. The Pilgrim Tercentenary Half Dollar

Experience the vibrant celebration of California's Diamond Jubilee with a rare half dollar minted in 1925.

8. The California Diamond Jubilee Half Dollar

Dive into Hawaii's rich culture and history with the Hawaii Sesquicentennial Half Dollar from 1928.

9. The Hawaii Sesquicentennial Half Dollar

Discover the unique industrial design and local pride of the Bridgeport Half Dollar issued in 1936.

10. The Bridgeport Half Dollar