10 Rare US Mint Coin Releases in 2024: Collector's Edition

Apr 04, 2024

Behold the majestic Liberty Eagle - a stunning gold coin depicting the iconic symbol of American freedom. Limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide.

1. The Liberty Eagle

Celebrate the visionaries who shaped the United States with the Founding Fathers coin collection. Each coin represents an influential figure from history.

2. The Founding Fathers

Witness the power and grace of the American Bison coin, crafted in silver and adorned with intricate details. Limited mintage of 2,500 coins.

3. The American Bison

Commemorating 100 years of Lady Liberty, this exquisite coin features a radiant depiction of the iconic statue in platinum. Limited edition of 500 coins.

4. The Lady Liberty Centennial

Embark on an interstellar journey with the Space Exploration coin series. Each release showcases a landmark achievement in human exploration of the cosmos.

5. The Space Exploration Series

Honor the rich cultural heritage of Native Americans with this coin collection, featuring intricate artwork and symbolism inspired by various tribes.

6. The Native American Heritage

Relive the excitement of the historic Gold Rush era through the Gold Rush Legacy coin series. Each coin depicts significant events and symbols of the time.

7. The Gold Rush Legacy

Celebrate 100 years of breathtaking natural landscapes with the National Parks Centennial coin collection. Each coin highlights a different national park.

8. The National Parks Centennial

Support wildlife preservation with the Wildlife Conservation coin series. Each coin showcases a threatened or endangered species and contributes to conservation efforts.

9. The Wildlife Conservation Series

Pay homage to the leaders of the United States with the Presidential Legacy coin collection. Each coin features a former president and their notable achievements.

10. The Presidential Legacy