10 Traditional Mexican Crafts to Add Color to Your Home

Mar 22, 2024

Learn about the elegant and vibrant Talavera pottery, a Mexican tradition for centuries. Its bold designs and rich colors will add a statement to any room.

Talavera Pottery

Discover the exquisite Otomi embroidery, a traditional craft of the Otomi people. Its intricate animal and nature motifs will bring life to your home.

Otomi Embroidery

Experience the festive art of Papel Picado, delicate paper banners with intricate cut-out designs. Hang them in your home for a vibrant celebration.

Papel Picado

Wrap yourself in the beauty of Huipil textiles, traditional garments made by indigenous women. Use them as vibrant wall hangings or cozy throws.

Huipil Textiles

Enter the magical world of Alebrijes, fantastical creatures intricately carved from wood and brightly painted. Let their whimsy inspire your home decor.


Discover the intricate and shimmering beauty of Mexican tin art. From mirrors to lanterns, these handcrafted pieces will add a touch of enchantment.

Mexican Tin Art

Explore the ancient art of Amate bark painting, created on traditional handmade paper. The stunning natural scenes will transport you to another world.

Amate Bark Painting

Wrap yourself in the elegance of Rebozo shawls, finely woven textiles with intricate designs. Drape them over furniture or wear them as a fashion statement.

Rebozo Shawls

Uncover the creativity of Mexican artisans with delightful paper mache crafts. From masks to sculptures, these whimsical creations will charm your home.

Paper Mache Crafts

Journey to the vibrant state of Oaxaca and discover the beauty of its pottery. From traditional dishes to decorative pieces, these handmade ceramics will delight your senses.

Oaxacan Pottery