10 Valuable Dimes Minted in the USA

Apr 03, 2024

Learn about the Mercury Dime with a rare overdate error. This valuable coin fetches high prices for its unique features.

Mercury Dime (1942/41 Overdate)

Delve into the history of the Barber Dime, specifically the rare 1894-S edition. Discover the allure of this elusive coin.

Barber Dime (1894-S)

Uncover the story behind the rare 1964 SMS Roosevelt Dime. Explore the factors that make this coin highly sought after by collectors.

Roosevelt Dime (1964 SMS)

Step into the world of the Seated Liberty Dime, particularly the scarce 1871-CC edition. Discover the historical significance of this beautiful coin.

Seated Liberty Dime (1871-CC)

Journey to the early years of the Mercury Dime and explore the rare 1916-D edition. Marvel at the craftsmanship and value of this old treasure.

Mercury Dime (1916-D)

Unearth the fascinating story of the Draped Bust Dime, specifically the rare 1804 edition. Discover why this coin holds immense value.

Draped Bust Dime (1804)

Discover the story behind the 1966 Roosevelt Dime from the SMS Special Mint Set. Find out why this coin is highly sought after by collectors.

Roosevelt Dime (1966 SMS Special Mint Set)

Dive into the intriguing world of the Barber Dime and uncover the allure of the rare 1895-O edition. Explore the historical significance of this coin.

Barber Dime (1895-O)

Go back in time to the end of World War II with the rare 1945-S Micro S Mercury Dime. Discover the significance of this unique variation.

Mercury Dime (1945-S Micro S)

Uncover the hidden treasure of the Seated Liberty Dime with the scarce 1874-CC edition. Learn about the historical context of this valuable coin.

Seated Liberty Dime (1874-CC)