11 Exotic Gluten-Free Fruits to Add to Your Shopping List

Apr 01, 2024

Explore the vibrant and exotic world of dragon fruit, a tropical delight rich in antioxidants and fiber.

1. Dragon Fruit

Get acquainted with the hairy but delicious rambutan, a juicy fruit with a sweet and slightly acidic taste.

2. Rambutan

Discover the unique kiwano fruit, also known as horned melon, with its vibrant orange-yellow skin and juicy green flesh.

3. Kiwano

Indulge in the velvety sweetness of mangosteen, a tropical fruit with a luscious white flesh and a tangy undertone.

4. Mangosteen

Experience the versatile jackfruit, a large tropical fruit with a sweet and distinctive flavor, perfect for both sweet and savory dishes.

5. Jackfruit

Taste the star-shaped starfruit, a tropical gem that offers a refreshing combination of sweet and tangy flavors.

6. Starfruit

Savor the honey-like sweetness of persimmon, a vibrant orange fruit with a soft and juicy texture.

7. Persimmon

Delight in the fragrant and juicy lychee, a tropical fruit with a translucent flesh and a sweet floral taste.

8. Lychee

Discover the creamy and tropical flavors of pawpaw, a unique fruit native to North America.

9. Pawpaw

Brave the strong aroma and taste of durian, also known as the 'king of fruits', with its custard-like texture and intense flavor.

10. Durian

Experience the beauty and deliciousness of jabuticaba, a Brazilian fruit with a unique grape-like appearance and sweet taste.

11. Jabuticaba