11 Most Valuable Misprinted Dimes: Collector's Pride

Apr 04, 2024

Delve into the enchanting world of misprinted dimes, where mistakes turn into valuable treasures.

The Magic of Misprints

Explore the story of the rare 1841 Liberty Seated Dime with an inverted 'L' on its shield, captivating collectors everywhere.

1. 1841 Liberty Seated Dime

Uncover the intriguing tale of the 1863 Indian Head Dime with a double strike on the date, making it one of a kind.

2. 1863 Indian Head Dime

Discover the mysterious 1894 Barber Dime, regarded as one of the rarest and most valuable misprinted dimes in existence.

3. 1894 Barber Dime

Step back in time and witness the beauty of the 1916 Mercury Dime with a doubled die error, adding to its allure.

4. 1916 Mercury Dime

Dive into the tale of the dual-dated 1942/1941 Mercury Dime, an accidental marvel cherished by collectors.

5. 1942/1941 Mercury Dime

Unearth the story of the 1964 Peace Dime with a doubled die reverse, a rare gem from the last year of the series.

6. 1964 Peace Dime

Uncover the unique features of the 1975 Roosevelt Dime with an off-center strike, enticing collectors with its distinct charm.

7. 1975 Roosevelt Dime

Witness the intrigue surrounding the 1982 No-P Mint Mark Roosevelt Dime, a scarce misprint that remains a sought-after treasure.

8. 1982 No-P Mint Mark Roosevelt Dime

Embark on a journey through time with the 1995-W Roosevelt Dime, an error coin minted at the West Point Mint, highly prized by collectors.

9. 1995-W Roosevelt Dime

Discover the fascinating world of the 2000-P Roosevelt Dime with an extraordinarily rare wavy edge misprint, captivating numismatic enthusiasts.

10. 2000-P Roosevelt Dime

Unveil the secrets of the 2005-D Roosevelt Dime with a partial collar strike, mesmerizing collectors with its distinctive appearance.

11. 2005-D Roosevelt Dime