11 Most Valuable Nickel Errors Currently in Circulation

Apr 03, 2024

Learn about the double die nickel, an error in which the design is doubled due to misaligned dies during the minting process.

Double Die Nickel

Discover the off-center strike nickel error, where the design is improperly placed on the coin, creating a unique and valuable piece.

Off-Center Strike

Explore the rare 1955-S over D over S nickel error, caused by the mint mark being punched over another mint mark.

1955-S Over D Over S

Uncover the brockage nickel error, where a previously minted coin sticks to the die, transferring its image onto the next coin.


Delve into the world of clashed dies nickel errors, where the obverse and reverse dies collide before striking the coin, leaving behind unique marks.

Clashed Dies

Witness the partial collar nickel error, a result of improper die alignment, causing part of the coin's edge to be unstruck or partially struck.

Partial Collar

Marvel at the ragged clip nickel error, caused by a curved piece of metal being clipped from the coin's edge during the minting process.

Ragged Clip

Get intrigued by the off metal nickel error, where the coin is struck on a planchet made of a different metal, resulting in a unique appearance.

Off Metal

Discover the die break nickel error, occurring when the die used to strike the coin develops a crack or breaks, leaving distinct marks on the coin.

Die Break

Unearth the struck through grease nickel error, caused by grease or other contaminants on the die that prevent proper transfer of the design.

Struck Through Grease

Witness the broadstruck nickel error, where a coin is struck without a collar, resulting in a wider and often misshapen coin.