11 Pasta Shapes and Their Perfect Sauces

Mar 16, 2024

Long and thin, spaghetti is a classic pasta shape that pairs well with a variety of sauces. From simple marinara to creamy carbonara, spaghetti is versatile and always satisfying.


Wide and ribbon-like, fettuccine is ideal for rich and creamy sauces. It beautifully coats the sauce, making each bite indulgent and flavorful.


With its cylindrical shape and angled ends, penne is perfect for holding chunky sauces. The hollow center captures the sauce, creating a delightful explosion of flavors in every bite.


Also known as bow tie pasta, farfalle adds a charming touch to any dish. Its unique shape pairs well with both creamy sauces and light, oil-based dressings.


Rigatoni's ridges and large diameter make it perfect for hearty meat sauces. The sauce latches onto the ridges, ensuring each bite is full of deliciousness.


Similar to spaghetti but slightly wider, linguine is often served with seafood and pesto sauces. Its delicate texture complements the flavors of fresh ingredients.


Layered with sauce, cheese, and other fillings, lasagna is a pasta shape that's perfect for baked dishes. It's the epitome of comfort food and is loved by all.


Orecchiette, meaning 'little ears' in Italian, has a unique concave shape that captures sauces beautifully. It pairs well with chunky vegetable and meat-based sauces.


Cavatelli's small and curved shape makes it perfect for capturing thick and hearty sauces. Its chewy texture adds a delightful bite to every mouthful.


Wide and flat, pappardelle is often served with robust sauces, such as ragu or bolognese. Its broad shape allows the sauce to cling to every strand, resulting in a flavor-packed dish.


With its spiral shape, rotini is a versatile pasta that holds both thick and creamy sauces. Its ridges help trap the sauce, creating a delightful burst of flavors.