11 Pasta Shapes You Didn't Know Existed

Mar 19, 2024

These shell-shaped pasta varieties are perfect for holding sauces and capturing flavors in every bite.


Orecchiette, meaning 'little ears' in Italian, is a small, concave-shaped pasta that pairs well with chunky sauce.


Originating from Sardinia, Fregula is a type of pasta made from semolina dough, rolled into tiny balls, and toasted.


Also known as bow-tie pasta, these butterfly-shaped noodles are versatile and great for both creamy and chunky sauces.


Trofie is a short, thin pasta originating from Liguria, Italy. Its twisted shape helps it hold rich, hearty sauces.


Designed to look like radiators, this pasta shape is perfect for thicker sauces that can cling to its ridges.


Gnocchi are soft dough dumplings made with potato, flour, and egg. They are delicious with various sauces and toppings.


Thin, flat ribbons of pasta, tagliatelle is commonly served with bolognese or creamy sauce, allowing it to cling to the noodles.


With its wide and flat noodles, pappardelle is perfect for hearty meat sauces or creamy and buttery sauces.


Campanelle, meaning 'bellflowers' in Italian, resembles a small, cone-shaped flower and is great in pasta salads and baked dishes.


Cavatappi, meaning 'corkscrew' in Italian, is a spiral-shaped pasta that adds a fun twist to any pasta dish.