12 Essential Pantry Staples for a Gluten-Free Kitchen

Mar 30, 2024

Find the perfect gluten-free flour for all your baking needs. From almond flour to quinoa flour, there are endless options to satisfy your cravings.

Gluten-Free Flour

Indulge in the creamy goodness of nut butters. Almond butter, peanut butter, and cashew butter are versatile and delicious spreads for your gluten-free bread.

Nut Butters

Experience the ancient grain's versatility and nutritional benefits. Quinoa is rich in protein, fiber, and essential nutrients, making it a go-to grain for gluten-free meals.


Unlock the wonders of coconut oil in your gluten-free kitchen. This versatile oil adds a hint of tropical flavor to your dishes and is perfect for sautéing, baking, and more.

Coconut Oil

Enjoy pasta without gluten concerns. From rice-based to chickpea-based options, gluten-free pasta allows you to savor your favorite Italian dishes with peace of mind.

Gluten-Free Pasta

Beans are a pantry staple for any kitchen, and for gluten-free diets, canned beans are a convenient choice. Use them in soups, salads, or as a protein-rich side dish.

Canned Beans

Start your day with a delicious gluten-free breakfast. Whether you prefer oatmeal or granola, gluten-free oats are a tasty and nutritious option.

Gluten-Free Oats

Upgrade your gluten-free recipes with breadcrumbs. Whether you're making crispy chicken fingers or breadcrumb toppings for casseroles, gluten-free breadcrumbs are a must-have.

Gluten-Free Breadcrumbs

Boost your gluten-free diet with chia seeds. These tiny powerhouses are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and antioxidants, making them a nutritious addition to your pantry.

Chia Seeds

Add savory flavor to your gluten-free dishes with gluten-free soy sauce. This pantry staple is essential for stir-fries, marinades, and Asian-inspired recipes.

Gluten-Free Soy Sauce

Snack on nutrient-rich nuts and seeds. From almonds to pumpkin seeds, these gluten-free munchies are perfect on their own or as toppings for salads, yogurt, and more.

Nuts and Seeds

Satisfy your sweet tooth with gluten-free alternatives. From honey to maple syrup, there are plenty of natural sweeteners to enhance your gluten-free desserts and treats.

Gluten-Free Sweeteners