12 Must-Try Pulled Pork Dishes in the USA

Mar 22, 2024

Tender and smoky, Kansas City pulled pork is slow-cooked to perfection and slathered in a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. A true classic!

1. Kansas City Pulled Pork

Texas pulled pork is all about the amazing rubs and spices. The meat is juicy, flavorful, and infused with the rich flavors of the Lone Star State.

2. Texas Pulled Pork

Carolina pulled pork is known for its vinegar-based BBQ sauce. The pork is slow-roasted until tender, then mixed with the tangy sauce for a mouthwatering treat.

3. Carolina Pulled Pork

Memphis pulled pork is dry-rubbed with a blend of spices before being slow-cooked to perfection. This smoky delight is often served with a side of coleslaw.

4. Memphis Pulled Pork

Alabama pulled pork is characterized by its white BBQ sauce, made with mayo, vinegar, and spices. The result is a unique and creamy flavor that is simply divine.

5. Alabama Pulled Pork

Georgia pulled pork is cooked low and slow, resulting in tender and flavorful meat. It is often served with a tangy peach BBQ sauce for a sweet and savory combination.

6. Georgia Pulled Pork

Florida pulled pork is influenced by Caribbean flavors, with hints of citrus and spice. The meat is tender and juicy, and the flavors are vibrant and refreshing.

7. Florida Pulled Pork

California pulled pork takes on a healthier twist by using leaner cuts of meat. It is often served with fresh avocado, cilantro, and a zesty lime dressing.

8. California Pulled Pork

Hawaii pulled pork, also known as Kalua pork, is traditionally cooked in an underground oven called an imu. The result is a smoky and tender meat with a tropical touch.

9. Hawaii Pulled Pork

New York pulled pork is influenced by its diverse culinary scene. It can be found in various styles, from traditional BBQ to fusion creations that will tantalize your taste buds.

10. New York Pulled Pork

New Mexico pulled pork is infused with the rich flavors of green chili. The meat is slow-cooked until tender, resulting in a spicy and satisfying culinary experience.

11. New Mexico Pulled Pork

Louisiana pulled pork is full of Cajun and Creole spices, giving it a fiery kick. The meat is tender and flavorful, making it a must-try for spice lovers.

12. Louisiana Pulled Pork