15 Best Places to Metal Detect for Old Coins: A Treasure Hunter's Guide

Apr 04, 2024

Unearth ancient coins along the shoreline. Beaches are a treasure trove waiting to be discovered.


Explore local parks and dig up history as you search for lost coins amidst the grass and playgrounds.


Step into the past and uncover coins lost during historic battles. Old battlefields hold untold riches.

Old Battlefields

Roam among the remnants of a forgotten era. Ghost towns hide rare coins beneath their decaying structures.

Ghost Towns

Amidst overgrown fields and dilapidated barns, old farmhouses offer a chance to dig up valuable coins from the past.

Old Farmhouses

Discover hidden treasures in historic sites like castles, ruins, and ancient monuments. The past is waiting to be found.

Historical Sites

Follow the ebb and flow of rivers to uncover coins that have laid hidden in the riverbanks for centuries.


Set up camp and venture into the wilderness. Campgrounds often hold surprises in the form of lost coins.


Explore the grounds of abandoned schools and dig up relics from the past. Coins from students long gone await discovery.

Old Schools

Embark on a rugged adventure and search for hidden coins along mountain trails. The thrill of the hunt awaits.

Mountain Trails

Uncover ancient coins that have been exposed through beach erosions. Nature reveals secrets from the past.

Historical Beach Erosions

Explore the remains of amusement parks once filled with laughter. Coins from the rides of yesteryear may still be found.

Abandoned Amusement Parks

Unearth old coins amidst the rubble of construction sites. Each dig holds the possibility of uncovering a hidden treasure.

Construction Sites

Pay a respectful visit to cemeteries and discover forgotten coins buried beneath the solemn grounds.

Cemetery Grounds

While casting your line, don't forget to scan the area with your metal detector. Old coins have been lost in fishing spots over the years.

Fishing Spots