7 Must-Try Burrito Places in the USA

Mar 22, 2024

Experience the iconic and award-winning Mission-style burrito at La Taqueria. This San Francisco hotspot has been serving up delicious burritos since 1973.

1. La Taqueria - San Francisco, CA

Indulge in the delicious and affordable burritos at El Farolito in the Mission District. Don't miss their famous super burrito filled with your choice of meat and flavorful toppings.

2. El Farolito - San Francisco, CA

Head to La Pasadita in Chicago for mouthwatering burritos that are packed with flavor. Try their steak burrito for a truly satisfying meal.

3. La Pasadita - Chicago, IL

Taqueria Cancún is a must-visit when in San Francisco. Their burritos are filled with deliciously seasoned meat, rice, beans, and all the classic toppings.

4. Taqueria Cancún - San Francisco, CA

If you find yourself in Austin, don't miss the chance to try the unique and mouthwatering burritos at Torchy's Tacos. They offer a variety of creative fillings and toppings.

5. Torchys Tacos - Austin, TX

Located in Los Angeles, La Azteca Tortilleria has been serving delicious burritos since 1947. Don't forget to try their famous chile relleno burrito.

6. La Azteca Tortilleria - Los Angeles, CA

Craving a tasty burrito in Las Vegas? Make sure to visit Taqueria El Gordo for authentic Mexican flavors and generously-sized burritos.

7. Taqueria El Gordo - Las Vegas, NV