9 Lincoln Memorial Pennies with Hidden Value

Apr 03, 2024

The first year of the Lincoln memorial penny series, a 1959 penny could be worth up to $10 in uncirculated condition.


Look for a small 'S' mintmark below the date. This rare variety can fetch $45 or more in perfect condition.


An exceptionally rare error coin from 1977 features the Lincoln Memorial on the reverse instead of the expected shield design. Valued at over $2,000!


Two types of 1982 pennies were minted - one made of copper and another of zinc. The copper version can be worth around $0.03.


A close AM variety has the 'AM' in 'AMERICA' close together. This uncommon error can command prices of up to $100.

1992 Close AM

A famous double die variety from 1995 exhibits doubling on the obverse. It's highly sought after and can be valued at $20 or more.

1995 Double Die

A rare error coin from 2000 has a 'W' in 'AMERICA' that is wider than usual. In great condition, it can be worth around $50.

2000 Wide AM

Part of a four-coin series, this 2009 penny honors Lincoln's birth and early life. It's a must-have for collectors and can be valued at $1 or more.

2009 Birth and Early Childhood

Released to honor the 225th anniversary of the Philadelphia Mint, the 2017 P penny with a doubled die is rare and can fetch prices of $50 or higher.

2017 P Doubled Die