Cole Hauser Pays Tribute to His Late Mother

Mar 17, 2024

Cole Hauser, star of the hit show Yellowstone, announces the passing of his mother with a heartfelt post on Instagram. They are seen in the photo, posing next to each other on horseback while on the set of the show.

A Heartfelt Farewell

In his tribute, Hauser describes his mother, Cass Sperling Warner, as a kind and loving soul. He expresses that her kindness, love, humor, and amazing spirit will be missed not only by their family but also by the world.

A Kind and Loving Soul

Hauser's celebrity friends, such as Jason Momoa and Octavia Spencer, show their support in the comments section of his post. They send heartfelt messages and emojis to console him during this difficult time.

Support from Friends

Hauser's character, Rip Wheeler, in Yellowstone, was not only a favorite among fans but also for Warner. She would often post photos of her son in character, encouraging her followers to watch the show.

A Favorite Character

Warner, the granddaughter of Warner Bros. Studios founder, Harry Warner, had a childhood immersed in filmmaking. As an adult, she created her own production company and produced the documentary, 'The Brothers Warner.'

A Legacy in Filmmaking

Hauser, currently waiting for the filming of the final season of Yellowstone, expresses gratitude for the fans' love and support. He also mentions his Free Rein Coffee Company and the joy it brings to know that people love it.

Continuing the Journey