Gerrit Cole's Road to Recovery: A Pitcher's Journey

Mar 18, 2024

Gerrit Cole's diagnosis of nerve inflammation and edema in his right elbow leaves the Yankees concerned about their ace pitcher's season.

A Setback for the Yankees

Dr. Eric Bowman, an orthopedic surgeon, provides insight into Cole's condition and the likelihood of surgery.

The Expert's Opinion

Learn about nerve inflammation and its impact on pitchers, particularly the ulnar nerve which is commonly affected.

Understanding the Diagnosis

Discover the significance of edema, a swelling condition often experienced by pitchers due to the stress on their bones and supporting ligaments.

The Swelling Conundrum

Cole reflects on his training in spring and admits to pushing himself too hard, contributing to his injury.

Cole's Admission

Despite the discomfort, doctors have not found a tear in Cole's UCL, which would have required surgery.

No Tear Detected

Experts recommend two to seven weeks of rest and rehabilitation before Cole can resume throwing, followed by a full six-week spring training.

Road to Recovery

If all goes well, Cole could potentially make his return to the mound at the end of May, bringing relief to the Yankees.

Anticipating Cole's Return