Meghan Markle Reaches Out to Kate Middleton Amid Rumors About Princess of Wales

Mar 17, 2024

Rumors about the Princess of Wales' well-being spiral out of control.

Rumors Spread

Meghan Markle reaches out to Kate Middleton amid the uproar.

Meghan's Support

Meghan is genuinely worried about Kate's health.

Concern for Kate

Unlikely that Kate is ready to start reconciliation talks.

Unlikely Reconciliation

Kate needs to focus on regaining her strength physically and mentally.

Kate's Priorities

Kate would likely politely accept Markle's gestures of support.

A Polite Gesture

Extending an olive branch may reopen old wounds instead of leading to reconciliation.

Unlikely Reconciliation

Kate hasn't been seen in the public eye since Christmas 2023.

Kate's Absence

Kate is skipping the annual St. Patrick's Day parade.

Skipping St. Patrick's Day Parade

Kate became the honorary Colonel of the Irish Guards last year.

Honorary Colonel