Steve Cohen's Optimism for the Mets' Future

Mar 18, 2024

Despite two losing seasons, Steve Cohen is determined to lead the Mets to a World Series victory.

Cohen's Goal: Winning a World Series

Cohen indirectly criticizes the Wilpon family for the team's previous struggles.

Shading the Previous Ownership

Cohen acknowledges the underwhelming farm system he inherited, but believes it has since improved.

Improvements in the Farm System

With promising prospects in the farm system, Cohen is optimistic about the Mets' future success.

Confidence in the Organizational Direction

Cohen emphasizes the importance of developing and improving players to build a championship team.

Player Development and Improvement

Cohen suggests that letting Pete Alonso become a free agent after the season could benefit both the player and the club.

Pete Alonso's Contract Situation

Cohen believes that allowing players to focus on their performance without contract distractions can lead to success.

Letting Players Shine

Cohen expresses confidence in the organization's ability to handle contract negotiations when the time comes.

Figuring it Out