The 10 Most Valuable Wheat Pennies Ever - Part 2: Collector's Insights

Apr 04, 2024

Welcome to Part 2


Learn about the rare and sought-after 1914-D wheat penny.

The 1914-D

Explore the fascinating story behind the 1922 No D wheat penny.

The 1922 No D

Discover the iconic 1955 Double Die wheat penny and its distinctive features.

The 1955 Double Die

Uncover the mystery surrounding the rare 1944 Steel wheat penny.

The 1944 Steel

Dive into the fascinating history of the 1924-D wheat penny and its value.

The 1924-D

Learn about the highly coveted 1909-S VDB wheat penny and its allure.

The 1909-S VDB

Unveil the beauty of the 1936 Proof wheat penny and its rarity.

The 1936 Proof

Unearth the intriguing tale of the 1943 Copper wheat penny and its value.

The 1943 Copper

Discover the captivating features of the 1958 Doubled Die wheat penny.

The 1958 Doubled Die