The 10 Wheat Pennies Essential for Your Collection

Apr 03, 2024

The famous 1909 VDB penny with the initials of its designer, Victor D. Brenner. A symbol of early 20th-century numismatic artistry.

1909 VDB

The scarce 1914-D penny from the Denver Mint. Highly sought after by collectors for its rarity and unique mintmark placement.


The mysterious 1922 No D penny, missing its mintmark. A fascinating error coin that sparks intrigue and captivates collectors.

1922 No D

The 1924-D penny from the Denver Mint. Notable for its low mintage and distinctive mintmark placement, making it a cherished find.


The scarce 1931-S penny from the San Francisco Mint. Highly prized for its low mintage and scarcity in higher grades.


The 1936-D penny from the Denver Mint. Known for its stunning artistry and excellent strike, making it a popular choice for collectors.


The ultra-rare 1943 bronze penny. A wartime error coin accidentally struck in bronze instead of zinc-coated steel.

1943 Bronze

The 1944-D penny from the Denver Mint. Valued for its historical significance and collectible appeal among enthusiasts.


The famous 1955 Double Die penny, featuring a striking doubling effect on the obverse lettering. A highly coveted variety.

1955 Double Die

The 1958-D penny from the Denver Mint. The final year of the wheat penny series and a popular coin for sentimental collectors.