The 12 Most Valuable Nickels Ever Produced

Apr 04, 2024

Learn the story behind the elusive 1913 Liberty Head Nickel, one of the most famous and valuable coins in the world.

1913 Liberty Head Nickel

Discover the rare mistake that turned a small number of 1943 nickels into highly sought-after collector's items.

1943 Copper Nickel

Uncover the unique characteristics that make the 1950-D Jefferson Nickel one of the most valuable nickels in existence.

1950-D Jefferson Nickel

Explore the history and rarity of the 1912-S Liberty Head Nickel, a coin that stands out among its counterparts.

1912-S Liberty Head Nickel

Dive into the fascinating story of the 1964-D Peace Nickel, a coin that was never officially released but holds immense value.

1964-D Peace Nickel

Learn about the significance of the 1939-D Jefferson Nickel, a coin that marks an important milestone in U.S. coinage history.

1939-D Jefferson Nickel

Discover the iconic 1916 Buffalo Nickel, known for its striking Native American design and rarity.

1916 Buffalo Nickel

Uncover the intriguing story of the 1954-S Jefferson Nickel, a coin that has captured the attention of collectors worldwide.

1954-S Jefferson Nickel

Step back in time and explore the history and significance of the 1880 Shield Nickel, a coin that holds great value among collectors.

1880 Shield Nickel

Discover the modern rarity of the 2005-D Bison Nickel, a coin that pays homage to America's iconic wildlife.

2005-D Bison Nickel

Learn about the famous 1937-D 3 Legged Buffalo Nickel, a fascinating error coin with a story to tell.

1937-D 3 Legged Buffalo Nickel

Explore the rarity and beauty of the 1926-S Buffalo Nickel, a coin that captures the essence of a bygone era.

1926-S Buffalo Nickel