The 14 Rarest Dimes of Substantial Value That Will Astonish You

Apr 03, 2024

Learn about the first experimental dime produced in small quantities and its remarkable rarity.

The 1792 Birch Cent Dime

Uncover the story of this short-lived coin that is highly sought after by collectors.

The 1856 Flying Eagle Dime

Explore the history of this dime and its incredible scarcity, making it one of the most valuable coins in existence.

The 1894-S Barber Dime

Dive into the world of the Mercury Dimes and uncover the significance of the 1916-D edition.

The 1916-D Mercury Dime

Discover the mystery surrounding the 1895-O Barber Dime and its rarity that has captivated collectors for decades.

The 1895-O Barber Dime

Take a journey back in time and explore the story behind the 1873-CC Seated Liberty Dime, one of the rarest dimes in existence.

The 1873-CC Seated Liberty Dime

Unearth the secrets behind the 1916 Barber Dime and its significance in numismatic history.

The 1916 Barber Dime

Delve into the unique characteristics of the 1895 Micro O Barber Dime and its scarcity that has made it a highly coveted coin.

The 1895 Micro O Barber Dime

Learn about the intriguing history of the 1872-CC Seated Liberty Dime and its impressive rarity.

The 1872-CC Seated Liberty Dime

Discover the fascinating story behind the 1838-O Capped Bust Dime, one of the oldest and rarest dimes in existence.

The 1838-O Capped Bust Dime

Uncover the hidden gem of the 1942/1 Mercury Dime Overdate and its incredible value in the world of coin collecting.

The 1942/1 Mercury Dime Overdate

Learn about the legendary 1894 Barber Dime and its status as one of the rarest and most valuable dimes in the world.

The 1894 Barber Dime

Embark on a historical journey and uncover the allure of the 1804 Draped Bust Dime, a coin shrouded in mystery and rarity.

The 1804 Draped Bust Dime

Discover the story of the 1874-CC Liberty Seated Dime and its scarcity that has made it a prized possession for collectors.

The 1874-CC Liberty Seated Dime

Explore the intricacies of the 1916-D Full Bands Mercury Dime, a coin known for its exceptional detail and rarity.

The 1916-D Full Bands Mercury Dime