The Enchanting World of Nickel Errors

Apr 02, 2024

The rare gem with a misplaced striking makes it one of the most valuable nickel errors.

1. 1950-D Jefferson Nickel

Look out for the overmintmark variety that enhances the value of this nickel error.

2. 1942-P Jefferson Nickel

An amazing transitional error from the year silver coins were phased out.

3. 1964-D Jefferson Nickel

A stunning double die obverse that adds uniqueness to this infamous nickel error.

4. 2004-D Peace Medal Nickel

Keep an eye out for the 'Speared Bison' known for its remarkable die crack.

5. 1945-P Jefferson Nickel

The amazing 'Bison on Hill' variety makes this nickel error a coveted treasure.

6. 1939-S Jefferson Nickel

A fascinating double die obverse with distinct doubling features.

7. 2005-P Ocean in View Nickel

The fantastic 'Step-Ladder' variety is a must-have for any coin collector.

8. 1953-S Jefferson Nickel

This extraordinary 'Reverse of 1940' variety makes it extremely valuable.

9. 1939-D Jefferson Nickel

A mesmerizing RPM variety that adds to the allure of this nickel error.

10. 1960-P Jefferson Nickel

Check for the 'Detached Leg' variety, a notable flaw that increases its worth.

11. 2005-D Bison Nickel

A captivating doubled die reverse variety that collectors yearn to possess.

12. 1961-D Jefferson Nickel

The 'Large 'S'' mintmark variety adds intrigue and value to this nickel error.

13. 1945-S Jefferson Nickel

Look for the rare 'Light or Floating Nickel' variety for a truly exceptional find.

14. 1971-P Jefferson Nickel

The fascinating 'In God We Rust' variety is highly sought after by collectors.

15. 2008-D Jefferson Nickel

The coin with the 'S' over horizontal 'S' mintmark forms a captivating nickel error.

16. 1954-S Jefferson Nickel