The Quest for a Warm NFL Destination

Mar 17, 2024

Deion Sanders doesn't want his son Shedeur to play in a cold-weather city in the NFL.

Cold-Weather City Dilemma

The average temperature of Colorado's home games in 2023 was 59.2 degrees.

Colorado's Temperature

The home opener against Nebraska was the warmest game at 72 degrees, while the game against Stanford was the coldest at 44 degrees.

Nebraska vs. Stanford

Deion Sanders is already thinking ahead and doesn't want his son to experience the cold in his NFL career.

Thinking Ahead

Deion Sanders talks about USC prospect Caleb Williams and how Chicago would be a cold adjustment for him.

Caleb Williams and Chicago

Deion Sanders emphasizes the importance of considering location when choosing an NFL team.

Location Matters

Shedeur Sanders grew up in Texas and played for Colorado before entering the NFL draft.

Shedeur's Background

Shedeur Sanders had an impressive season with Colorado, throwing for 3,230 yards and 27 touchdowns.

Shedeur's Stats

Shedeur Sanders announced his decision to return for a final season with the Buffaloes.

Shedeur's Decision

Shedeur's NFL destination will depend on his final season with the Buffaloes and the draft order.

The Quest Continues