The Top 10 Jefferson Nickel Errors Worth Pursuing

Apr 03, 2024

Learn about the fascinating story behind the 1942/41 overdate Jefferson nickel, one of the most famous and valuable nickel errors.

1. 1942/41 Overdate

Explore the unique beauty of the double Monticello Jefferson nickel error, which features two images of the iconic building on the reverse side.

2. Double Monticello

Discover the various types of planchet errors that can occur during the production of Jefferson nickels, resulting in valuable and collectible errors.

3. Planchet Errors

Uncover the mystery of missing letters on Jefferson nickels, including the famous 'IN GOD WE TRUST' error that every collector desires.

4. Missing Letters

Marvel at the beauty of off-center strike errors on Jefferson nickels, where the design is not centered on the coin, creating a visually appealing error.

5. Off-Center Strikes

Learn why Jefferson nickels with full steps on Monticello are highly sought after by collectors and how to identify this valuable error.

6. Full Steps

Delve into the world of broadstrike errors on Jefferson nickels, where the coin is struck without the collar, resulting in a unique and valuable error.

7. Broadstrike Errors

Discover the intriguing patterns and designs formed by die cracks on Jefferson nickels, making them fascinating additions to any collection.

8. Die Cracks

Explore the mesmerizing doubled die errors on Jefferson nickels, where the design appears doubled due to a misalignment during the minting process.

9. Doubled Dies

Uncover the secret of re-punched date errors on Jefferson nickels, where the date appears to have been punched more than once, creating a valuable error.

10. RPD (Re-punched Date)