The Top 11 Most Valuable Nickel Errors in Circulation

Apr 03, 2024

A coin struck from a die that was engraved with a doubled image. Look for doubling on the inscriptions and the portrait of the President.

1. Double Die Obverse

A coin struck with the design off-center, resulting in part of the design missing or off the edge of the coin.

2. Off-Center Strike

A coin struck without a retaining collar, causing it to spread out and become larger than normal.

3. Broadstruck

A coin struck when the obverse and reverse dies collide without a planchet between them. Look for faint traces of the opposite design on both sides of the coin.

4. Die Clash

A coin with the mint mark punched into the die more than once, resulting in a visible doubling or overlapping of the mint mark.

5. Repunched Mint Mark

A coin struck when grease or other foreign matter fills the die, resulting in a weak or missing detail in the struck area.

6. Struck Through Grease

A coin struck on a planchet made of a metal other than nickel, such as copper or silver.

7. Off-Metal Strike

A coin with a raised, dome-shaped area on the surface caused by a break in the die.

8. Cud Error

A coin with a raised line or area caused by a crack or break in the die.

9. Die Break

A coin struck with a die that has a missing or filled-in area, resulting in a weak or missing detail on the coin.

10. Filled Die

A coin with missing or incomplete edge lettering, typically found on the side of the coin featuring the denomination and motto.

11. Missing Edge Lettering