Top 10 Valuable Modern Quarters for Collectors

Apr 03, 2024

The 2019-W quarters are highly sought after by collectors. With a limited mintage, they are quite valuable.

2019-W Quarters

Error quarters with misprints or unique features are treasure finds for collectors. They can fetch high prices.

Error Quarters

Low-mintage quarters, such as the 1996 Olympic Quarter, are rare and valuable. Keep an eye out for them!

Low-Mintage Quarters

Statehood quarters released from 1999 to 2008 are popular among collectors. Some editions are more valuable than others.

Statehood Quarters

The America the Beautiful quarters series showcases iconic national parks and sites. Certain editions are highly prized.

America the Beautiful Quarters

Limited edition quarters, like the 2020-S Silver Proof Set quarters, are highly collectible. Don't miss out on these gems!

Limited Edition Quarters

Commemorative quarters, like the 2001 New York and Rhode Island quarters, celebrate important events and are sought after by collectors.

Commemorative Quarters

The War in the Pacific quarters, released in 2019, honor the sacrifice and valor of World War II veterans. They hold great historical significance.

War in the Pacific Quarters

Innovation quarters, a new series starting in 2019, celebrate innovation and achievements from all 50 states. They are a must-have for collectors.

Innovation Quarters

When a quarter series ends, like the Presidential and Native American series, the final coins become sought after collector's items.

End of the Series Quarters