Top 11 Morgan VAMs Coins: A Collector's Guide

Apr 04, 2024

Learn about the 'Hot Lips' VAM, known for its distinct doubled lips on Lady Liberty.

1. The 'Hot Lips' VAM

Discover the 'Scarface' VAM, recognized for its prominent die clash on the face of Lady Liberty.

2. The 'Scarface' VAM

Explore the 'Top 100' VAM, a rare variety sought after by collectors for its unique die characteristics.

3. The 'Top 100' VAM

Uncover the fascinating 'Double Ear' VAM, featuring a prominent doubling on Lady Liberty's ear.

4. The 'Double Ear' VAM

Delve into the '11 Tail Feathers' VAM, a rare variety with an unusual number of tail feathers on the eagle.

5. The '11 Tail Feathers' VAM

Marvel at the 'CC Toned' VAM, known for its stunning toning that adds to its uniqueness.

6. The 'CC Toned' VAM

Appreciate the 'Top 50' VAM, a highly sought-after variety in the Morgan Silver Dollar series.

7. The 'Top 50' VAM

Discover the 'Double Date' VAM, featuring a doubled date that makes it stand out in any collection.

8. The 'Double Date' VAM

Be mesmerized by the stunning 'Knock-Out' VAM, characterized by a strong clash on Lady Liberty's cheek.

9. The 'Knock-Out' VAM

Explore the 'Reverse of 1878' VAM, known for its unique reverse design that sets it apart from other coins.

10. The 'Reverse of 1878' VAM

Uncover the 'Near Date' VAM, distinguished by the placement of the date closer to the rim of the coin.

11. The 'Near Date' VAM