Top 11 Rare Nickel Errors Still Circulating

Apr 03, 2024

The humpback bison nickel is a rare error where the bison on the reverse side appears to have a hump on its back. Only a few examples are known to exist.

Humpback Bison Nickel

The double die obverse nickel is an error with a doubled image on the front side of the coin. It creates a striking and unique effect.

Double Die Obverse Nickel

The tripled Jefferson nickel is a fascinating error where the image of Thomas Jefferson on the obverse side appears to have three distinct impressions.

Tripled Jefferson Nickel

An off-center nickel is a mistake in the minting process where the design is not properly aligned with the coin's edge. These coins are highly sought after by collectors.

Off-Center Nickel

A re-punched mint mark occurs when the mint mark on a coin is punched multiple times. These errors add value and intrigue to the nickel.

Re-Punched Mint Mark (RPM)

The doubled Monticello nickel is an error where the image of Monticello on the reverse side appears to have a doubled or distorted impression.

Doubled Monticello Nickel

A blank nickel planchet is a coin that is missing its design due to a mistake in the blanking process. These rare errors are highly collectible.

Blank Nickel Planchet

A clipped planchet nickel is a coin with a piece missing from its edge. These errors occur when the blank is improperly cut before striking.

Clipped Planchet Nickel

An off-metal nickel is an error where the coin is struck on a planchet made of a different metal. These mistakes result in unique and valuable coins.

Off-Metal Nickel

A die clash nickel is an error caused by the clash of the obverse and reverse dies during the minting process. This creates distinctive marks on the coin.

Die Clash Nickel

A magic nickel is an error where the image on the coin changes when the angle of view is altered. These optical illusions make for fascinating collectibles.

Magic Nickel