Top 8 Most Valuable Buffalo Nickels of All Time

Apr 04, 2024

Learn about the rarest and most valuable Buffalo Nickel, the 1918/7-D, worth over $400,000 in good condition.

1918/7-D Buffalo Nickel

Discover the fascinating story of the 1937-D Three-Legged Buffalo Nickel, one of the most desired coins by collectors.

1937-D Three-Legged Buffalo Nickel

Uncover the mystery behind the scarcity and high value of the 1926-S Buffalo Nickel, a coin sought after by many collectors.

1926-S Buffalo Nickel

Delve into the history of the 1913-S Type 2 Buffalo Nickel, known for its low mintage numbers and rarity among collectors.

1913-S Type 2 Buffalo Nickel

Explore the intriguing features of the 1916 Doubled Die Obverse Buffalo Nickel, a coin with unique design elements that make it highly valuable.

1916 Doubled Die Obverse Buffalo Nickel

Discover the allure of the 1924-S Buffalo Nickel, a coin that holds significant value due to its scarcity and exceptional condition.

1924-S Buffalo Nickel

Journey back in time to learn about the historical significance and rareness of the 1921-S Buffalo Nickel, a coin highly sought after by collectors.

1921-S Buffalo Nickel

Dive into the story behind the 1936-D Buffalo Nickel, a coin known for its low mintage numbers and exceptional condition.

1936-D Buffalo Nickel