Top 9 Kennedy Half Dollars with Hidden Value

Apr 04, 2024

The first year of issue, this coin is highly sought after for its silver content and historical significance.

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar

Look out for varieties with filled-in mint marks, as they can be worth more than their face value.

1969-D Kennedy Half Dollar

A low mintage year, some coins were mistakenly struck with a 1970 date on the obverse. These error coins are highly valuable.

1970-D Kennedy Half Dollar

A special bicentennial issue, these coins were made of 40% silver and are popular among collectors.

1976-S Silver Kennedy Half Dollar

Certain 1987 half dollars were made with a die clash error, creating a unique and valuable variety.

1987 Kennedy Half Dollar

One of the rarest Kennedy half dollars, the matte proof version from 1998 is highly sought after by collectors.

1998-S Matte Proof Kennedy Half Dollar

Another silver issue, the 2002-S Kennedy half dollar is prized for its composition and limited mintage.

2002-S Silver Kennedy Half Dollar

This special issue was struck in 24-karat gold to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy half dollar.

2014-W Kennedy Half Dollar

With a limited mintage of only 200,000, this coin features a stunning enhanced reverse proof finish and is highly sought after.

2019-S Silver Enhanced Reverse Proof Kennedy Half Dollar