Treasured Collection: 13 Most Valuable Half Dollars

Apr 04, 2024

The Draped Bust Half Dollar from 1807 is a highly sought-after coin due to its rarity and historical significance.

Draped Bust Half Dollar (1807)

The elegant Walking Liberty Half Dollar, minted in 1916, is known for its stunning design and numismatic value.

Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916)

The Franklin Half Dollar, introduced in 1950, features the face of Benjamin Franklin and is beloved by collectors.

Franklin Half Dollar (1950)

The beautiful 1794 Flowing Hair Half Dollar, one of the earliest US coins, holds immense historical significance.

1794 Flowing Hair Half Dollar

The Barber Half Dollar, with its classic design, has become a treasured piece among collectors.

Barber Half Dollar (1892)

With its iconic seated figure symbolizing liberty, the Seated Liberty Half Dollar is highly prized by collectors.

Seated Liberty Half Dollar (1839)

The 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar, struck in memory of President John F. Kennedy, is a popular coin among numismatists.

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar

The 1892 Columbian Exposition Half Dollar was minted to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus' voyage.

1892 Columbian Exposition Half Dollar

The Peace Half Dollar, minted in 1921, is a stunning coin that carries the spirit of peace after World War I.

Peace Half Dollar (1921)

The 1948 Franklin Half Dollar, the year of its introduction, represents an iconic era in American history.

1948 Franklin Half Dollar

The Bust Half Dollar of 1796, with its delicate design, is a rare and highly valued coin.

Bust Half Dollar (1796)

The Standing Liberty Half Dollar, introduced in 1916, is admired for its intricate details and artistic beauty.

Standing Liberty Half Dollar (1916)

The 1921 Alabama Centennial Half Dollar was minted to commemorate the state's 100th anniversary of statehood.

1921 Alabama Centennial Half Dollar