Yale's Thrilling Victory: March Madness Hits the Ivy League

Mar 18, 2024

The Ivy League experiences the excitement of March Madness as Yale faces Brown in a crucial game.

March Madness Arrives in the Ivy League

Matt Knowling's short jumper secures a thrilling victory for Yale over Brown in the final seconds of the game.

Yale's Last-Second Basket

Yale and Brown engage in a highly competitive game, with multiple lead changes and intense moments.

An Intense Battle Until the End

Brown comes close to pulling off an upset, leading by six points with just 27 seconds left in the game.

Brown's Near Upset

Yale stages a remarkable comeback in the final moments of the game, fueled by their determination to secure a spot in the NCAA Tournament.

Yale's Determined Comeback

Explore the crucial plays that led Yale to their victory and Brown's valiant effort to hold on until the end.

The Key Plays

Yale secures their seventh trip to the NCAA Tournament, showcasing their consistent success in the Ivy League.

Yale's Seventh Trip to the Tournament

Despite the loss, Brown demonstrates an impressive season turnaround, winning six straight games and defeating the No. 1 seed in the semifinals.

Brown's Impressive Turnaround